Insulin & fat loss A simple explanation – Science Of Fat Loss


Carrados George F shredder every day and today I’m going to give you some great science and biology behind sticking to a diet and making it easier for you we’re going to look at understanding how the body works in terms of digesting the energy that comes from our food and the energy that we get out of our food and then we’re going to use that to be able to work with the body to help us keep a healthy lean weight and give good energy
less cravings less hunger I’ve got a really good animation that’s going to show this for you and it’s going to talk all about how it all works in the body
the different foods and how it all gets broken down and how a carb is a carb and how a calorie isn’t a calorie even though some people think it is and in some ways it is in some ways it isn’t so we’re going to look at that let’s just jump straight

Okay so picture the scene we’re at home we’re studying for some kind of exam orreading a book or we’re chilling and we need something so we grab a bottle of soda

Just to give ourself a pickup so in thiscase we’re going for a 32 fluid ounce bottle of soda and it’s quite good you know it’s going to give us a fair bit of
energy it’s got a hundred grams of sugar and that equates to about 400 calories so initially yet we’re alert we’re on track we’re focused half an hour later nut we’re tired

we’re hungry again we’re lazy we’re definitely not feeling like doing
anything productive or active so let’s have a look inside the body now break it down really zoom in and see what’s happening inside our body to play around and play with havoc on our energy in our cravings in our mood this energy we’re talking about comes from the form of glucose all our cells get energy from glucose our muscles our brain everything it travels through the bloodstream and is gets delivered to where it’s needed and this needs to be kept stable

Throughout the body in terms of that homeostasis to keep blood sugar levels stable so we have our soda goes into the stomach goes through the stomach into the intestine into the intestinal walls now soda in this case is very simple

It has no fiber and it’s made up of lots of simple sugars you can see here through the individual molecules that are lining the intestines and sugars made up of glucose and fructose and now all of this because it requires no digestion all of it gets dumped through the intestinal walls and through the interstitial fluid into the bloodstream all in one go so we’re getting all this energy from those 400 calories all into the bloodstream in one go so our blood sugar levels our glucose levels skyrocket we get this
massive spike and we’ve got loads and loads of energy flowing through our
bloodstream ready to go and our body wants to maintain stable blood sugar
levels throughout the body so the pancreas senses this massive increase in
blood sugar levels and it releases insulin this is the green thing we can
see here into the bloodstream insulin as it travels through the bloodstream is like the delivery man it says hey I’ve got energy in the blood who wants it
it connects to all the different cells and the muscles and the skeleton all
over the body and the liver as well and it provides that energy into the cells
that gets it out of the blood you can see here and we get a massive drop in
blood sugar levels into the blood and it’s all gone into the cells of the body
but now we’ve gone from really really high to really really low and we’re at
the complete opposite end of the spectrum and we’re going into that yo-yo
so now we’re tired now we don’t feel any energy because we don’t have any in our blood

We feel hungry where you have cravings and this is the point which our
pancreas again senses the low blood sugar levels and it releases something
new in this term it’s glucagon glucagon does the opposite it grabs the energy
out of cells and brings it back into the bloodstream for keeping stable blood
sugar levels in the body so it connects to the different cells of the body it
connects to the muscles and the liver and it brings some sugar out of the
cells of the body back into the bloodstream and we stabilize let’s try
something different let’s try something with a meal with lots of fiber lots of complex carbohydrates lots of protein healthy fats and now we’ve got much more complex

Food that needs more time and it’s much slower to digest so instead of getting this massive increase of blood sugar and all this energy going into the blood we have a slow steady rise of blood sugar levels that then gets absorbed at a steady rate into the body into the individual cells and we maintain a much more stable blood sugar level naturally without the need for production of large amounts of insulin and large amounts of
glucagon so we want to help our body andwork with our body by releasing foods

That give a slow steady stream of energy into the body if we dump too much energy simple foods and simple carbohydrates into the body in one go then the excess gets stored in adipose tissue into fat and if we do that againand again and again we produce all this incident we produce all this storage hormone and it gets all that energy and puts it into fats

then it’s just going to build up over time and that’s where we get our obesity instead we give our body healthy fibrous foods that are slow digesting complex carbohydrates healthy fats plenty of good lean proteins then we’re going to be able to maintain a much more healthier physique and we’re going to be feeling more energetic we’re going to feel more alert we’re going to have less cravings and less hunger so by understanding that animation

we can see how different foods are processed and how the energy from our body is partitioned into different areas of the body and how its control in the body if we take 400 calories worth of simple sugars with no fiber it all gets dumped into the bloodstream in one go and then the insulin comes in massive loads of interested in all the delivery guys and they’re like who wants energy muscles do you want energy skeleton brain liver do
you want energy and they go yet I need a bit but they get to that point where they’re like no no I’ve got enough energy now so the excess gets dumped into fat the excess gets dumped into fat think of it like a spillover effect okay if we have all this energy around the body in one go the muscles and all that can take so much but then they have a spillover effect into fat cells then we have no energy in our bloodstream we feel tired we have cravings cravings for carbohydrates because they have and you know crappy junky foods because they have lots of energy in them and we feel
lethargic because we and we don’t feel like doing anything

So we not motivated to workout we feel bad about ourselves and our energy expenditure goes down as well compare that with the same 400
calories worth of lean meats and fibrous vegetables they get a nice slow release of energy into the bloodstream the muscles and the rest of the body can draw up that energy nice and slowly in control and there’s no spillover because the energy is used up as it comes in and there’s no spillover into fat cells I mean technically it should all be the same shouldn’t it you know fall into calories worth of soda 400 calories worth of lean meats and vegetables you know calories and calories out should be the same but it’s really not quite it does get processed differently in the body it really does and it feels
different as well so let’s talk about the feel different yes you’re going to feel a lot worse

if you have the 400 calories worth of crap and the 400 calories of the good
stuff foreign carriers are the crap it’s going to be much harder to stay on
your diet you’re going to have cravings really bad foods you’re going to have less energy in your workouts so it means you’re going to be doing less and you’re going to be eating more you’re going to be you know have that urge to eat more so the diet is going to be harder to stay on so by having lean foods lean meats lots of fiber complex.

Carbohydrates so the whole grains and fibrous vegetables instead of simple
sugars and breads and all that stuff then it’s going to be much easier to
maintain energy and focus and motivation and get to your workouts and eat good foods and you’re going to feel good about yourself the second thing discusses about those 400 calories in and 400 calories out and how they get processed is from the insulin effect when we have these simple carbohydrates we get a massive spike of insulin and this can have a detrimental effects long-term on our ability to maintain a healthy weight in terms of insulin resistance leptin resistance and our body signals to our brain that were full and our body signals to our brain of giving ourself energy and things like that I’m going to talk about that a little more in the next video and that’s going to go into incident a lot more because there’s a lot more being discovered now about the role of insulin against leptin against hunger against the biochemical changes that are going
on in today’s society due to the types of foods that we’re taking from our
environment and this is what’s really fueling the obesity pandemic andepidemic that’s going on right now

So I hope this Atricle has been good for you comment and then
you’ll get the latest update when the next Articles comes out and maybe do a few of them all about insulin and controlling that and how that really is
the scientific secret to getting on a diet staying on it and using your body
to work with you and really get the body you want it have a great day guys see you next time


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