Affiliate marketing is a booming industry of products promotion where you can purchase the best healthcare solutions and pharmaceutical drugs. The dependency upon anything could result in liability which no one wants to bear for real. That’s why the disclaimer is so important to give the proper guidelines prior purchase of the product. Our website sells healthcare supplements depending on the user’s requirements.

Product’s information

The product’s promotion business is simply about providing the best available solutions at your desk without any struggle. Each product on our website has been promoted through affiliated marketers and third party agents to sell their products for best rates. Our website is not liable for any results or harm done by the products. The information is just for descriptive purpose only we are not guiding or providing medical experts opinion about any subject.

In no event, we won’t be held liable for user loss because the product purchase solely depends upon user discretion according to our purchase policies. The benefits or advantages are shared by the product holders as we are only promoting or executing the purchase for our own cause.

Redirecting links from other websites

We may receive third-party website links during users surfing which are not under our control. We don’t have any control over the nature, content, quality, and availability of third party websites. Our website has no control over external links management and we share no relation with external links or availability of their privacy breach. With that particular clarification, we are not liable for any third party content or promotional techniques. We advise you to study privacy policies and terms of third party websites prior to visiting any websites.

Changes to our website

This website is fully in our control as we can change the policies or modify certain liabilities f promotional tactics according to rules and management of product suitabilities. But to be fair we will provide the 30 day window period informing our users about the changes in our website or products management. After successful adjustments, we will publish new policies or modifications according to which you have to adjust your terms of product purchase in advance.